“Eve Song” My thoughts about this poem

This poem tells about the woman’s unfortunate experience as a wife and as a struggling mother. I feel somewhat connected to the woman Mary Gilmore portrayed in the poem not because we have the same experience, but because of the plain reason that I, too is a wife and a mother. Our experience though, differ in many ways.

In the poem, the author reveals the woman’s struggle to keep her marriage together despite her husband’s infidelities. In any form of relationships, betrayal is completely unacceptable. Your decision to leave or stay depends on the many things based on your circumstances. In this poem, the woman chooses to stay, most probably because she is financially dependent from her husband. The poem also mentioned about the exhaustion she felt to be the only one to look after her children that she adored. And not getting the appreciation she deserves for all the hard work that she did. The overwhelming task of being a housewife and the feeling of being alone and not being appreciated by her husband paints a picture of a suffering woman. But despite what her husband did, she welcomes her back with open arms.

This poem was written in the year 1918 and unfortunately, this story still resonates in the life of some women of today, not only here in Australia but also around the world.


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