First Meeting


That one morning of February, a new experience

was about to begin for me.

To learn new things , I was excited

Yet, I felt scared.


New faces I was with, it felt terrifying

‘Cause speaking in front of them

is not my sort of thing.

I was praying the lecturer would not call my name

‘Cause if he does , I will be embarrassed.


Reading the poem and learning a bit about the poet

is something I won’t forget

You know why? ’cause for me it’s one of a kind.


Looking at the pictures of painting

on the board, I was moved

‘Cause it tells a very important story of the past.

The past that for me should always be remembered

and understood.


Two hours have passed and the discussions ended

I went home thinking about all the things I learned.

And happy to be part of the Clemente program

to us, they shared.


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